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dead poets society

Dead Poets Society
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Dead Poets Society
name origin:
the movie "Dead Poets Society"

Rules and About
this community is to post and discuss poems, please read the rules...

>> no introduction posts.
>> don't just say "this sucks," explain why.
>> if you post a poem that is not by you, tell us the author.
>> images that have to do with the poem are okay, but put them behind an lj-cut if they're large.
>> put long poems or a large amount of poems behind an lj-cut.
>> any poetry themes are welcome, but if something seems inappropriate (ie sex themes, swears, etc.), put it behind an lj-cut.
>> if you're asked to put a post behind an lj-cut, do it.
>> tell why you're putting the supposedly offensive material behind a cut.
>> every post must have one or more poems.
>> about advertising here.
>> do not tYpE lIkE tHiS (or any variations of such) when you are talking (about your poem, picture, commenting, etc.), unless that somehow communicates your poem better.
>> you will be banned if you continually disregard the rules.


   your poem here

lj-cut with a specific text

   <lj-cut text="my poem">
   your poem here

the underlined text is what you change.

on swearing

i know swearing is using words that strongly make your point (or however you'd want to state that), but some people disagree with the use of swears. so, if you have "the f-word" please put that behind a cut. "damn" and "hell" are just fine. if you have one or two swears (besides "the f-word") in your poem, it's okay not behind a cut.

if you're cutting because of a swear, you might want to say why you're putting it behind a cut.

if you're not sure about something either ask first or put it behind a cut.

any questions?