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so here is a rough draft of sorts, i suppose...i've not written any poetry in so long. i feel like its slightly disjointed and i'm not sure where to go.  but it is something quite personal that i needed to let go of, and this seemed a proper means. so here goes:

The hollow ache, it creeps in,
Into the space between the sheets in which we lie.
And once the rhythmic movement has ceased
And the body heat dissipates
Oxytocin alone won’t keep this thing alive.

It starts with raw desire
Hungry eyes and sweaty hands that just cannot rest
but sharp pangs of emptiness shoot through
And I’ll willfully ignore truth
Until I’ve destroyed what sanity I’ve got left.

 I’ll wait here in this anguish
Broken into tiny pieces that can’t be found
Yet I’ll fumble blindly with bare hands
Until my fingertips go numb
And I’m sobbing and shaking on the cold, hard ground.

 I’ll be ruled by emotions
And you’ll be haunted by the shadows of past love
but my conviction is an anchor;
and I’ll sink down to the sea floor
to succumb to this weight  crushing me from above.

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