shoelace009 (shoelace009) wrote in dead_poets_soc,

The Eulogy I Should Have Written.

Thank you for failing to live forever. Thank you for making your own bad choices. Thank you for riding the high that brought us crashing down. Thank you for living your own life in a way we never would. Thank you being the despair of the entire family. Thank you for being praised and remembered immortally in the most dire of ways which aren't accurate portraits of your character in the least. Thank you for being remarked as the savior of this family when you were nothing but a man.

You were nothing but a man and when the coroner declared time of death they forgot that. You were a man and men die as victims of life, accidents, and their own choices. You were nothing but a man. Thank you.

There are enough people trying to be Jesus Christs in this world. Thank you for being a human being and not immortal, the imperfect picture of a human being and nothing more. No matter what they say I'll never think you were perfect. I wouldn't do you the disrespect of forgetting you like that.

Thank you for living and dying with your flaws. If none of them remember, if all of them forget, I'll keep you here alive as you would have been not as you should have been. I'll keep you alive.
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